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is saving jobs. in just ten minutes, for the first time since the government takeover of gm, the president will visit and speak to workers on the floor of an ohio assembly plant and this as a new poll shows americans still fear more financial hardship ahead. >>> murder mystery at yale university. we were told an arrest was eminent in the case but minutes ago, police said not so fast. so what gives and who is expected of killing grad student annie le? >>> remembering patrick swayze. with his breakout role in "dirty dancing." good morning to you. i'm tamron hall. >> i'm monica novotny. >>> the top headlines. today in a surprise visit to baghdad vice president joe biden meet with iraqi leaders and visit u.s. troops and looking at file video from the vice president's last iraq visit back in july. today, the vice president was greeted by general odierno and chris hill and the iraqi foreign minister. >> the iraqi journalist that threw his shoes at president bush said he would do it all again. the 30-year-old reporter just release fred a baghdad jail after nine months behind bars. >>> fans of pat
working at g-m but she calls the manufacturing employment practices and pay of the big three discouraging to education and dysfunctional to the economy, especially as more demand is put on information instead of simply industry. but even while the power and size of the big three has been waning, they likely will remain as a key thermostat for manufacturing as a whole. the automotive industry as a whole, which includes of course the transplants, the toyotas and the like that are also built in this country, i am inclined to believe that by direction or indirection automotive will contiunue to be one of the if not the most vibrant force of employment in this country. as much as we may not see vehicle sales soar to the likes of housing, these lofty levels that are unsustainable that we saw in the 1990s and into the 2000s, it's reasonable to see sales come back to a profitable level for the automakers that are left and that's very important for the rest of the economy because it feeds into all the service sectors diane swonk and george roe both may be business and economics experts but they ea
why. since last december, a total of 85 billion dollars was given to gm, chrsyler and auto suppliers... in the form of emergency loans... and to get them through the bankruptcy restructuring process. "although taxpayers may recover some portion of their investment in chrysler and gm, it is unlikely they will recover the entire amount." the new report says quote: "although taxpayers may recover some portion of their investment in chrysler and gm, it is unlikely they will recover the entire amount." it goes on to say.. that the treasury department estimates.. 23 billion dollars of the initial loans made will be subject to much lower recoveries. and about 5.4 billion in loans given to the old chrysler are highly *unlikely to be recovered. and tom.. the congressional oversight panel also had some harsh words for the treasury department in its report. the panel's report calls the us government a quote "tough negotiator" when it came to dealing with failing american car companies.... but at the same time it criticizes the treasury department for its lack of transparency on how it used the
and the government hopes to have it all paid out by the end of the month. gm says it has 1 million miles to prove its fuel efficient cars work. 5,000 people have been test driving its fuel-celled engines which only kree mitt water vapor for the last two years. one big problem thsh's expensive to produce. and speaking of expensive, thousand about a football game? the average price of an nfl ticket is up 4% to $75. for a family of four to enjoy a day at a game, a cool $413. that's thank it is to the dallas cowboys new stadium which raised their average price of a ticket to $160. michelle? >> i think the tell tale tine will be how full those stadiums really are. >> reporter: absolutely. >> karen, thanks. >>> and just ahead on the morning you knews, details of the disturbing reality show scam in turkey. >>> plus, a desert demo. nasa tests a new moon rocket. ou a cash back bonus on every single purchase. what you do with it is up to you. what will you get back with your cash back? now more than ever, it pays to discover. you'll love it so much, you'll send your old duster packing. ♪ love stinks! ♪ yea
. penske automotive terminated talks with gm to acquire the saturn brand. this is just breaking right now. we want to get this out for our viewers. david, let me get your thoughts. when you are looking at the economy, domestic versus international, let's put it in two buckets here, what are the issues you're focused on? >> i think the largest threat to the economy is very, very weak consumer confidence and the continued unwillingness of consumers to return to spending. i think the consumer confidence numbers that we saw coming out yesterday indicate the continuing nature of the threat as long as unemployment is increasing and is at historically very high levels. i fear we are in for a very weak recovery, that weakness being driven by a lack of consumer spending in a robust way and a lack of a v-shaped recovery upward of consumer spending to parallel what we are seeing in the financial markets. >> in addition to the financial system, auto sector under pressure here. one of the reasons penske is walking away from the deal to acquire the saturn brand from gm is because they have concerns wit
returns. gm says if you buy one of their cars and don't like it, bring it back, get your money back, no questions asked. >>> and, how hard is it to go where no one can find you? >>> and, how hard is it to go where no one can find you? harder than you think. captions paid for by abc, inc. >>> good evening. so, did the president's speech on health care reform last night change the landscape? did it improve the chances he'll get the reforms he wants? well, democrats liked it, called it a game changer. republicans didn't. for the most part, dismissing it. the president did ask for an end to political bickering, but there was bickeng aplenty in washington today, and sorting fact from fiction about health care reform is becoming a full-time job. we have a number of reports tonight, and start our coverage with jonathan karl on capitol hill. jon? >> reporter: charlie, with the big speech over, today the challenge for the president is to get a divided democratic majority here on capitol hill to unite behind a single plan to reform health care. the speech was aimed at a congress deadlocked ov
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good, but it is g.m.'s new 90s slacker hip-hop. ♪ singer: buckle up, everybody 'cause we're taking a ride ♪ ♪ that can strain your relationships and hurt your pride ♪ ♪ it's the credit roller coaster ♪ ♪ and as you can see it kinda bites! ♪ ♪ so sing the lyrics with me: ♪ when your debt goes up your score goes down ♪ ♪ when you pay a little off it goes the other way 'round ♪ ♪ it's just the same for everybody, every boy and girl ♪ ♪ the credit roller coaster makes you wanna hurl ♪ ♪ so throw your hands in the air, and wave 'em around ♪ ♪ like a wanna-be frat boy trying to get down ♪ ♪ then bring 'em right back to where your laptop's at... ♪ ♪ log on to free credit report dot com - stat! ♪ vo: free credit score and report with enrollment in triple advantage. >>. >> bailed out g.m. is rolling out a 60-damon nyback guarantee this week. bring the car back, no questions asked. sounds good but eric says it is a clunker of a deal for us taxpayers. >> if we didn't give them $50 billion, it would be laughable. ed whitaker says we're putting ou
. take a 60-day joy ride and get your money back. sounds good, but it is g.m.'s new offer to buyers a clunker of a deal for taxpayers? >>. >> bailed out g.m. is rolling out a 60-damon nyback guarantee this week. bring the car back, no questions asked. sounds good but eric says it is a clunker of a deal for us taxpayers. >> if we didn't give them $50 billion, it would be laughable. ed whitaker says we're putting our money where our mouth is. ed, it's our money where your mouth is! these guys are idiots. we will never see a penny of that money back. >> but if it's good business, then it's good for us taxpayers, huh? >> i don't think eric would have this problem if it was another car company. there is only two sides to this equation. they lose money if people return the cars after 60 days. that's probably going to be just a very small percentage. people aren't going to go through that, and b, g.m. wins if more people come into the dealership and take cars that they otherwise wouldn't have. i think it's a good deal. i applaud them for at least trying something. >> toby, actually similar
their jobs. gm has agreed to sell opel to canadian car parts manufacturer magna. >> she staked her reputation on clinching this deal, and angela merkel could not wait to announce it. this was the chancellor's chance to take all the glory. >> good day, ladies and gentlemen. i can inform you that a short time ago, the chancellor was informed that gm's governing board has decided to sell opel to magna. i am very happy about this decision, which is along the lines of what the government and the employees of opel hoped for. >> so by the time general motors made its official announcement, it was already old news, thanks to angela. >> are confident that the magna solution represents really the best solution to provide for a sustainable future for the brand. as many of you know, under the proposal, the two companies will purchase and split 55% share in opel. >> after months of uncertainty, then, and often difficult negotiations, general motors has agreed to sell off its european brands. the buyer -- canadian car parts supplier magna, backed by the russian bank. it is the deal mrs. merkel and the germ
, dick boef. >> paul: it's the end of the road for gm's popular saturn. in a surprise announcement late today general motors said penske automotive scrapped talks to buy the saturn brand. one of the world's largest car dealer networks penske was concerned it might not be able to get vehicles after its manufacturing contract with gm ran out. gm and penske had been working on a deal since june. gm now says it will phase out saturn and its distribution network of 350 dealerships. we'll learn more about this tomorrow, as we talk with gm's global marketing director michael di-giovanni about the automaker's september sales numbers. it was a rough start for wall street today as investors focused on a weak private reading on employment and a survey showing a contraction of mid-west manufacturing activity. by 10:00 a.m. the dow had tumbled 130 points with the nasdaq off 28 points. cash-laden investors bought into the weakness lifting the dow to 13 point gain by 1:00 p.m. with the nasdaq up 11 points. energy and tech stocks led the comeback, helping the market close well above the day's lowest l
utter devastation on paradise islands. >>> shutting down. gm pulls the plug on saturn after an effort to save the car division hits a dead end. >>> game on. michelle obama and the city of chicago begin to make their pitch for the olympics. >>> and, our chief medical editor learns just how extraordinary is the level of editor learns just how extraordinary is the level of health care for the congress. captions paid for by abc, inc. ingly good evening. major earthquakes are like no other force of nature. in the past 24 hours, we have seen how destructive they can be. yesterday, an 8.0 earthquake struck the south pacific between samoa and american samoa, triggering a tsunami. residents said they had little or nwarning to escape the waves and the death toll tops 100. hours later, and 6,000 miles away, an earthquake struck off the coast of sumatra. scores are dead there. but we begin with the tsunami. abc's neal karlinsky is in samoa. >> reporter: charlie, good evening. the ocean, so beautiful right now, hard to imagine the force that came through yesterday. so many villages on th
at a dealership. it >> this could be a little bit of a risky strategy. if it works, it could help the new gm established or begin establishing a reputation for quality and maybe win back some of the customers. if it does not work in the cars and coming back, it could be very hard to fathom his people to buy gm and moving forward. this man is buying this brand new camaro. >> i feel is a very nice card. -- car. >> general motors is putting their money where their quality is. if you buy a new 2009 or 2010, you'll like it,. if you do not, you have a 60 day money back guarantee. >> giving the customer and opportunity to take it back is great. >> they get better gas mileage and cost less. they look great. >> she is looking r a more fuel-efficient car and is thinking a lot harder about buying a chevrolet mailbu after learning about the money back guarantee griquas they are sticking their necks out there. -- money back guarantee. >> they are sticking their necks out there. >> the program has very little in the way of the fine print preview must buy between today and november 31st. the car cannot hav
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in now is practically half of that. watchlist trying to kick start g-m. cash for clunkers may be over but in the new week, g-m begins it's own incentive deals hoping to bring back car buyers scared off by its bankruptcy earlier this year. it will offer next car buiyers the ability to bring back their cars after a month of driving and get a full long as there's less than 4-thousand miles on them. this marks g-m's first big marketing push since emerging from bankruptcy in july. just last week, the congressional oversight panel raised questions about how much money taxpayers will get back from the cash used to bailout of g-m and chrysler.
're continuing to come in. and gm advertising again for vehicles. i'm in phil's office -- that's okay. >> one thing that doesn't make me optimistic, the stabilization of the workweek. if people end up working the same amount of hours and income starts to grow, then you have stability there. when you talk about the end of the recession is the bottom of the graph. there's still a chunk of space here before we get back to zero, which means there is a period of time where things are not going to be so great for a while. >> not as bad. >> i want to disagree. >> that's what bernanke's saying. >> i want to disagree with steve and diane. >> technically. >> and i want to disagree theoretically. i think more saving, which is deferred consumption, is a good thing, not a bad thing. >> it is a good thing. >> not 25% savings. >> you have to get it there. >> we've had plenty of great recoveries. i don't think that's to fear. what i want to ask you about, which is more to the cyclical turning point is the low level of inventories. we are getting improvement in consumer spending with invent y inventories low
years later. >>> buying a car there gm, may be like shopping at the mall, is asking a no questions asked return policy. is there a catch? plus -- >>> head speaker nancy pelosi's head spinning. >> lie, lie, lie. >> two words. a political firestorm. the insults shot at president obama is a huge hit on the internet. >>> first, today we relive the shock and sadness of one of the worst days in u.s. history. exactly eight years ago, the september 11th terror attacks rocked the nation. nearly 3,000 people died. a day of remembrance but for the first time it's also a national day of service. there will be thousands of volunteer projects including preparing packages to send to the troops. but an important part of the day is remembers what happened eight years ago near the world trade center aside. a memorial begins at 8:40 a.m. eastern. vice president joe biden will be there. and a bit later been a ceremony at pentagon with the president and robert gates and former secretary of state, colin powell will be at a memorial in shangsville, pennsylvania. >>> on wednesday, president obama will update us
, sevilla y arsenal... hasta aqui los deportes, buenas noches.mgmgmgmá
. gm had no alternative to the deal because of the cost of raising billions of dollars to keep the brand and fund its restructuring. the deal bring clarity to 50,000 of their workers. >> translator: the board of gm has decided to sell the group to magna has the german government has negotiated and welcome. i'm very pleased about the decision which is what the german government wished for, the employers and the employees of opel had wished for. >>> data out of china suggests that the world's third largest economy is well on its way to recovery. industrial output rose 12.3% in august. and overall consumer prizes fell 1.23%. the only weak spot, of course, was trade. we had ex ports slump by a steeper than expected 23.4% as global demand remained weak. elsewhere, japan is out of a recession. the downward revision was mostly due to falls in inventories which analysts took as a positive sign that japanese firms are clearing out their stock faster than expected. but they warn that global economic recovery cannot depend on an improvement in the export sector. brian. >> thank you, chris
about the federal reserve what they should do as well. >>> the gm road to recovery and what bob lutz has up his sleeve to turn business around. >>> down 9,000 or down 10,000? which comes first. going to discuss make willing money despite this uncertainty because we are cnbc, first in business worldwide. ♪ look at this man ♪ so blessed with inspiration ♪ ♪ i don't know much ♪ but i know i love you ♪ and that may be ♪ all i need ♪ to know (announcer) customers love ge aircraft engines almost as much as we love making them. innovation today for america's tomorrow. >>> sentiment report, many people believing that the recession may be finally coming to an end. none the less, weaker durable good orders acting as a weight. melissa? >>> how is gm coping in the postbankruptcy environment? this morning, phil lebeau sat down with gm vice chairman phil lutz to find out. >> it has been two weeks since general motors began the money-back promotion and wanted to check in to see if is this succeed to bringing people to look at gm vehicles in the show rooms? so far, the company says, hey,
has received some $50 billion of federal bailout money. but now gm has unveiled a new marketing campaign that shows it means business. a money-back guarantee. more from nbc's mike taibi. >> reporter: it was a little busier than usual at roberts chevrolet in hicksville, new york. >> any reason? >> that's a good policy. >> reporter: partly because of gm's unprecedented sales strategy. >> i'm ed whitaker, the new chairman of general motors. >> reporter: the new government approved chairman is putting his name and gm's immediate future on the line. because the language that's become familiar in this financial crisis, doing nothing is not an option. this option, a sales pitch more akin to a late-night commercial for the latest exercise equipment. >> buy a new chevy, buick, gmc or cadillac. if you're not 100% happy, return it. we'll take it back. that's our new 60-day satisfaction guarantee. >> reporter: gm say humble giant still in critical condition. its sales this year down nearly 35%. 10 points worse than the entire u.s. new vehicle market. and its domestic market share shrinking
. >>> in economic news, a bombshell in the autoindustry. roger pen ski is a big name. he was supposed to save gm struggling saturn brand. he was going to buy out the brand from gm. apparently, it's fallen through. phil le beau is with us with more on this. it was a bit of a surprise. >> reporter: a bit of a surprise since we expected them to finalize a purchase of stat urn. the deal fell apart late today. gm said they are going to wind down saturn brand, eliminate it all together. it will happen by the end of 2010. if you own a saturn, general motors will still take care of you. they started the brand in 1990. after 20 years, general motors decided it's the end of the road for saturn. >> phil le beau, thanks. >>> the ceo of the nation's largest bank is stepping down. ken lewis, ran bank of america since 2001. he's under fire. he will exit by the end of this year. no word, yet, on a successor. >>> there's evidence about the health care debate that makes some say the most incendiary things. republicans are calling for an apology from allen grace lan who summed up his view of the republican approac
division to cadian auto supplier magna. toy's announcement ends months of uncertainty over the fa of gm best-selling european brand. undethe plan, magna, along own 55% of opel.eebank will opel employees would hd 10% leaving gm with 35% stake. gm sees e deal closing in november or dember. >>usie: here's a look at what's happening tomorro >> paul: recappingoday's market actn, stocks are higher for the 5th straightay. the dow gained 80 points and the nasdaq gned 23. to learn more about the sties in tonight'sroadcast, to watch r streaming video and to tak part iour daily blog, go to "nightly business rert" on you can also email us at >> susieand finally tonight, family businesses account fo roughly four of ery five americanompanies. so tonight, we bring you t latest installme of our signature seri "all in the fami, looking at the challeng of integrating work and family. diane eastabrook introduces to walter e smithea chicago area fniture chain building its family buness for nearly five dedes. ♪ ♪ >> walr e.mithe. you dream , we build it. >> reporter: in chico, the
opedivision to canaan auto supplier magna. todas announcement ends months of uncertainty over the fatef gm'sest-selling european brand. under e plan, magna, along with russia's zbeer-nk will own 55% of opel. opel employees would hol10% leaving gm with a % stake. gm sees thdeal closing in november or deceer. >> sie: here's a look at what's happening tomorrow: >> paul: recapping tay's market actio stocks are higher for the 5th straight d. the dow gained 80 points. and the nasdaq gaid 23. to learn more about the stors in tonight's badcast, to watch oustreaming video and to take part in r daily blog, go to "nightly businesreport" on u can also email us at >> susie: d finally tonight, mily businesses account for roughly four of evy five american cpanies. so tonight, we bring you the latest installmentf our signature seriesall in the familylooking at the challengesf integrating work and family. ane eastabrook introduces us to walter e smithe, chicago area furture chain building its family busiss for nearly fivdecades. ♪ ♪ >> waltee. smithe. you drm it, we build it. >> r
will no longer orbit general motors. gm said today it would shut down its saturn division after a proposed sale to pensky automotive group fell apart. no word on how soon saturn dealerships will be affected. gm says saturn owners can go to gm dealerships for service once saturn dealerships are closed. >>> more potential confusion for parents over h1n1. which flu shot should students get first and why? >>> and baltimore city hall is in the pink. a symbol of our local fight for a cure. >>> yesterday, i gave you a two-degree guarantee of 67 degrees today. the high today officially at bwi marshall? got to, 66. which means we did hit that two-degree guarantee. we've now hit it six days in a row. do you live on bank street in baltimore? don, you scored an abc2 umbrella. we'll be right back. >>> the state health department is making new remitses for schools and the flu vaccine. urging officials to postpone the seasonal flu vaccine and administer the h1n1 vaccine as soon as it becomes available. delia goncalves is here to explain why. >> reporter: it can be confusing because information about h1n1 is c
much. deal of the century and gm. this is humiliating. stand still so we can get an accurate reading. pounds and a smidge. a smidge? y'know, there's really no need to weigh packages under 70 pounds. with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. cool. you know this scale is off by a good 7, 8 pounds. maybe five. priority mail flat rate boxes only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship. neil: you don't like it after you got it, you did not have to keep it. gm putting its marketing pedal to the middle with a 60-day money back guarantee. effective 60 days you still do not like the car, no problem, no car, no charge. with me now, gm vice chairman bob lutz. why are you guys doing this? >> we need to overcome the resistance in a certain segment of the american public who simply have not gotten the word on how great our new product program is, how many car of the year awards we have one, what our fuel economy is. this is a way to try to break through and get over some of the negative
, an appearance at a gm plant in ohio and afclo in pittsburgh then a rally on thursday. new this morning, president obama says if you think your health coverage is safe, think again. a study shows half of all americans under age of 65 will lose their coverage at some point over the next ten years. i'm joined by john decker. good morning to you. >> good morning, alex. >> the president is saying many of you are going to lose health insurance. you have to pay attention to what we are talking about. >> it's a good time and a good message. this is a message that is geared to 180 americans who do have health insurance. it's geared to -- >> you mean millions? >> millions, right. these are the people he needs to sell the health care reform package to. it's these people that decide whether the reform makes sense. it's these people who will ultimately tell the representatives up or down on the vote. >> from the u.s. census, 15% of americans go without insurance in a given year. the treasury is suggesting americans under 65 will find themselves uninsured. 57% under age 21 will be uninsured at some
] >> in the recovery is close at hand. he talked to workers at a gm assembly plants in ohio. he told workers that fuel efficiency standards announced today will increase the demand for cars like gm's cobalt. workers are being rehired. >> more than 1000 will be coming back to work and less than three weeks as production of the cobalt wraps up. >> he is pitching for the reelection of arlen specter. he is counting on union support to hold on to his seat. >>> here are more details on tonight's top story. ben bernanke says that the recession is probably over. the economy is not growing enough to prevent the unemployment rate from rising. the jobless rate is at a 26-year high. >> the president continued to push for his plan to overhaul health care saying that it is linked to the economy. they are expected to reach a compromise bill tomorrow. max baucus has been negotiating with democrats and republicans. >>> we're taking an in-depth look at the efforts to overhaul health care. there is a need for -- it airs tomorrow night at 8:00 here on abc 7. >>> the obama administration was to extend theey provisions of
to pennsylvania after addressing workers at a gm plant in ohio just moments ago. he said his administration's efforts to save the auto industry are beginning to show results. he says he did not run for president to get into the auto business, but since his decision -- but that his decision to pull automakers to the downturn was key to saving the economy. >> there are some people who said you cannot do it. our belief was that if gm retools and reinvents itself of the 21st century, it would be good for american workers, good for american manufacturing, good for america's economy, and i am pleased to report that that is exactly what has begun to happen at plants like this, and others across the country. >> the president is headed to pittsburgh to discuss health care reform with union workers there. >>> the president will bring his push for health-care reform to college park this week. he will speak at a rally at the comcast center at the university of maryland the doors open at 9:00 a.m. >>> supporters of a new program up for debate in baltimore want to streamline the way that kids and young a
for drivers of these great gm brands. we can do the small things, the big things, just about everything... right inside your gm dealership. find out more at gm drivers.. it's goodwrench & go time. three great services: all in one place. all at one time. all for one price for most gm vehicles. but it's only for a limited time. at participating gm dealers. >>> playing cupid here in the studio. like that person should date that person. never mind what they think. 16 minutes past the hour. house speaker nancy pelosi says that she is worried about all the anti-government rhetoric over the president's health care reform effort. now she likened it to the late '70s when san francisco mayor george mosconi was assassinated. the deaths are commonly blamed on california's angry debate about gay rights. >> i have concerns about some of the language that is being used because i saw -- i saw this myself in the late '70s in san francisco, this kind of rhetoric was very frightening and it gave -- it created a climate in which we -- violence took place. >> sol, including former president
is the gm satisfaction guarantee rolling along? find out from vice-chairman bob lutz when "squawk" continues in a moment. fidelity, traders learn from the pros. say you want to backtest an entire portfolio of stocks. market experts show you how through fidelity's extensive trading knowledge center. and fidelity gives you free research from 15 independent firms, with accuracy scores... to help you decide which analysts to trust. find out why more and more active traders are turning to fidelity for a smarter way to trade online. trade like a pro. trade with fidelity. when this shoe store added aflac to its employee benefits package at no direct cost to the company... it was a perfect fit. find out more at aflac!... >>> satisfaction guaranteed. gm vice-chairman bob lutz will tell us if the latest sales cam paper is paying off. >> protests are moving, cops are also on the move. these police put on their riot gear 20 minutes or so. blocked an intersection at the corner of penn avenue and were heckled by protesters. nothing too serious. they are on the move as these crowds go fr
the chancellor's office was informed that g.m.'s governing board has decided to sell opal to magna. >> the chancellor believes it's the best option to safeguard german jobs. in germany, opal employs 25,000 workers at four plants. magna has pledged to keep all four factories open. the news was greeted with relief at the opal car plots. "it will be fantastic if this plant is kept open. maybe they will even expand it." "this is the best 1-2-3 inning that could happen to us," says this worker. it's a very different story, though, in the u.k. many of these workers were hoping that general motors would decide not to sell. they're worried when the ax falls, mag i can't will allow it to fall on british jobs. >> not good for us, is it? >> i think most people would have preferred that g.m. could have kept it. >> that's what the germans wanted. mag in says it will safeguard the german plants where does that leave us? >> but today general motors tried to allay some of those fears. >> we'd like to think it will continue. we're working hard to continue it, not just g.m. but magna. >> but the sal
at no a gm plant. whitt johnson is in ri washington with more. whi tcht t, no carrier good morning. ring >> reporter: good morning. car sales no went up 30% in the month ring of august some credit cash for no carrier clunkers but ring today the president is no carrier expected ring to talk about another effect of the no carrier > ring no carri program, jobs. president obama hopes the future no of the american auto industry ring looks a lot like lord's no town ring no carrier ohio. after some 2000 layoffs no car there last year, general ring motors is no carrier calling back no carrier 1050 > ring workers no carrier because of ring no carrier ring increased demand fof cobalt. the car was a top several during no car the cash for clirngs program. the frommed will meet with ring employees at the plant this morning before highlighting gm's no progress during a ri speech. economic recovery is a big priority for the president this week. just yesterday, he ri warned wall street the government is done giving no carrier bailouts. no c >> those on wall street cann
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to anybody, just a scary situation. goodwrench... we roll out the blue carpet for drivers of these great gm brands. we can do the small things, the big things, just about everything... right inside your gm dealership. find out more at gm drivers.. it's goodwrench & go time. three great services: all in one place. all at one time. all for one price for most gm vehicles. but it's only for a limited time. at participating gm dealers. >>> across the street from a small poster that displays the picture of missing 24-year-old college student annie le, fbi investigators dig through yet another trash can. although le is listed as missing, students here question the seriousness of the case when men in yellow suits dig through trash. >> the tone and the tenor of this case has now changed. the search for annie le seems to be intensifying. fbi agents and state police search dogs enter the building where she was last seen. >> state police, bloodhounds, and german shepherds left the scene around 8:00 thursday night. and authorities remain tight-lipped about the status of the investigation
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